Why do people get sick with the corona virus

Why do people get sick with the virus that is not spread by bats, but why does the virus not make bats sick?
Dr. Opurbo Chowdhury
London, England

About three months ago. January 2020. Everyone is talking about the coronavirus that has spread from Wuhan, China. A picture was being posted on the wall of many on social media at that time. A Chinese woman is eating bat soup! Everyone who casts their eyes upon it wants a go. It spread like wildfire and the coronavirus came from bats. Because the Chinese eat bat soup in this way. However, it was later revealed that a woman named Wang had posted the picture of the bat soup online in 2016. The funny thing is – the woman is not Chinese either. She lives on an island called Palau in the western Pacific Ocean. Palau is an independent state with 500 small islands in 1994 under US Territorial Protection. In another sense, American citizens!

Since then it has rotted well – the coronavirus has entered the human body from bats. The Chinese eat bats. So the Chinese have spread the Coronavirus. Trump also jokes that the virus is not called the Chinese virus!

Although the word is not 100 percent proven yet, 90 percent is true. From bats, the virus has entered the human body by mutating or altering the body of another intermediate animal. Although scientists have not yet found the animal in the middle.

Dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, so many living in the vicinity of the house in the woods, caves, bats in the human body spread the most pathogens. Especially so many viruses.

Just don’t get the virus (COVID 19)! Bats are the lion’s share of virus outbreaks in the last 50 years. From Ebola to Nipa, from Sars to Marburg, from Hendra to Rabies, from Marsh to Lhasa, all come from bats. Bats are called super hosts of zoonotic viruses.

So far, research has shown that bats contain 161 types of viruses. Of these, 62 types of viruses can infect the human body.

One virus is making people sick, and so many viruses in the body of bats! So why aren’t bats anything? Why don’t bats die of the virus or Ebola? Why don’t bats get sick themselves?

To find the answer is to go back a little. The evolution of bats originated 84 million years ago. Bats and humans were in the same category eighty million years ago. Then we were in the same Mammalian class. Mammal means one who has a mammary gland or breast. The class of animals that make their babies drink milk. Bats are the only mammals that can fly, but they feed babies. Humans became seventy million years ago as primates separated from mammals. Because of this evolutionary difference, it is interesting to note that no virus can infect humans directly from bats. The body of the bat is a host of viruses, but those viruses later transform into other animals and become suitable for attack and enter the human body. Coronavirus is no exception.

The scientific name of the bat is Chiroptera! Greek their means hand; pteron means wing. Bat means Hand-Wing! Bats have wings. The bat has a hand, it has four fingers. We also have fingers like thumbs! Maybe you didn’t know this before. The bat’s extended arms and the middle part of the body are made of very thin skin. This leather is its fan, with which bats can fly a hundred miles per hour. When a man spreads his arms like a fan, it looks like a bat! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Bats eat about 300 kinds of fruits including mango, banana, fig, papaya, date, cocoa. Do not eat the fruit if you see any wounds, stings, or bites of any bird or animal. It is said that the Chinese eat any animal with arms and legs in the world except the chair and table with arms and legs! And bats eat hundreds of fruits and insects. Among insects, bats are the most feared. Because bats eat insects in the dark of night. Insects cannot escape from bats even at night.

There are 1230 species of bats. Rodents are a little more than that! Bats alone are second in diversity in the animal kingdom! It is said that 20% of the world’s mammals are bats alone.

The reason for saying so much about bats – hidden in its diversity is some of the reasons why it has so many viruses. As diverse as it is in the animal kingdom, its body is at the same time the host of diverse germs but tolerant of germs. Belonging to the same family, the long period of evolution makes their coexistence with germs tolerable. Modern human species are not much older, and not more diverse bodies! Several viruses, including white-nose syndrome, can infect bats. But eighty percent of the germs in a bat’s body can’t infect it but can infect other animals, including humans. Let’s discuss why this is so.

Simply put, bats do not infect or infect bats, despite the presence of viruses in their bodies due to their weak immune system and physiological structure.

Very surprised to hear, not so! I have been hearing since childhood that when the body’s immune system is weak, germs can easily overwhelm the body. In reality it is so. So what is the exception in the case of bats, why the exception and how it happens!

Bats harbor viruses in their bodies, but their own bodies in them
It does not indulge in attacks. It does not give five ways.

One. Bats have been physically adapted to these viruses millions of years ago.

Two. When a bat fluttered its wings, it fluttered its wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead

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