pioneer Health Card Services

  1. Exemption from Specialist Physician Fees:
    His Excellency the President’s Former Personal Physician Brig. – 20% -50% discount from the fees of many famous specialist doctors.
  2. Discount on
    Hospital Service Prices: 5% to 50% discount on diagnostic, seat/cabin rent, pharmacy, and operation services at many of our listed hospitals/clinics / diagnostic centers across the country including Central Hospital Limited, Al-Razi Hospital, and Brighton Hospital.
  3. Discounts on other service prices:
    5% -20% discount on our listed Bengali, Thai and Chinese restaurants, including China Kitchen, Pumpy Restaurant, New Shrimp, Red Chili, UFC, Ghost Hunt, Food Village, and Miami Food…
    5% -10% at various branded clothing stores including Branded Shop Faith 11 and Rina Collection.
    In Gymnasium:
    20% -40% in Gold’s Gym and Platinum Gym.
    Moreover, special discounts on services or products of various organizations including beauty parlors, tailors, computer training centers, and transportation services.
  4. Health Information:  Provide services with health information through
    our web and call center anytime 24 hours a day.
  5. Blood Donation:
    Donor Collection.
  6. Benefits from Own Health Centers: The
    divisions of our own Health Centers established with the promise of quality services at low-cost areas
    Diagnostic Centers, Consultation Centers, Fast Aid Training Centers, and Vaccination Centers.

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